INDEPENDENCE Co., Ltd. / BIKEDOMEWORKS is a professional team provides OEM/ODM bikes, parts ; Complete bikes design and assembling ; We also offer the bike Quality Control, Sourcing & Purchasing services.

The QUALITY is everything...
We have been in the bike industries more than a decade, a lot of experiences for good and bad products, Knowing the quantity is not necessary for a successful bike - but the QUALITY !

A good bike does NOT equal expensive.
If you want to show off, go for the mega bucks bike. But we believe to enjoy the riding all you need is a good bike.
We know how to build a nice bike, from selected materials, with quality components, plus skillful wheel building and careful bike assembly. You get a lots fun ride on our bikes, and save your money for the other good stuffs.

Less is MORE.
We believe the simple philosophy. Bicycles always the most simple and efficiency traffic/sporting tool or, TOY. We make our bikes simplistic to keep its pure of character. There is no need of redundant parts or extra components, just take off everything unecessary, reduce some weights, then you'll find how amazing it is !




2013 / June ...

* added a new PHILLIPINES distributor : Mr. Justin Parco , in Quezon City. Phillipine's customers please feel free to contact with him for our products.  See the DISTRIBUTOR page for contact information.

* for NEW ZEALAND customers, you are welcome to contact with the distributor : Mr. Dan Fittell , in Christchurch.  Please check the DISTRIBUTOR page for contact information.



2013 / April ...

Bikedomeworks new bikes & parts are released. Like always we dedicated to the quality and performance in every detail.
Please check the COMPLETE BIKE, COMPONENT pages.

* Also looking for worldwide distributors, dealers, bike shops, please contact us for detailed information of bikes and parts.

* All our bikes & parts can be oem for your brand if you need, please contact us.